Farberware Pump

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Pump Size
4 Cup (P13-1354)
12 Cup (P13-1357) [+$9.00]
36 Cup (P13-1366) [+$7.00]
55 Cup (P13-1355) [+$9.00]
4 Cup Pump - P13-1354
Pump and spring will fit Farberware 4 cup models. This pump will work on the original series model 134 or the newer series FCP240. Please note that the pumps no longer use the ceramic sleeve inserts that the original series used.

55 Cup Pump - P13-1355
55 Cup pump fits all 55 cup Farberware Urns. Including all model 155 series and the FSU255 series. The pump tube comes with new spring as well.

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